Handle, Wood: screw on

USA Made Wooden Handle Skroo-zon Style

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Handles (General guide only, file tang sizes vary by manufacturer) The file should ‘sit’ in the handle such that the base of the handle is snug/touching the shoulder of the file.                                                       

Wood Screw-On Style - the original Skroo-Zon®: A kiln dried handle made of New England hardwood, stained and coated. This handle uses a heavy construction ferrule that ‘locks in’ the internal threading die. The file is held rigid by simply screwing the handle onto the tang of the file. The hardened teeth of the die will cut thread into the soft tang steel holding the file firmly at two points. This reusable handle makes it the safest and most economical of all the handles and meets or exceeds all U.S. government specifications NN-H-0085 (GSA-FSS).

                               For File Length                                                                      USA Made            Qty./Box             Wt./Box
For very small files                                                                                                 30202                      36              1.5 lb/0.68 kg
For 4” (100mm) thin tang files – see below recommendation                    30203                      36              2.5 lb/1.13 kg
For 4” (100mm) ‘A’ type files and 6” (150mm) ‘B’ type see below               30204                      36              2.5 lb/1.13 kg
For 6” (150mm) ‘A’ type files and 8” (200mm) ‘B’ type see below               30205                      36              4.8 lb/2.17 kg
For 8” (200mm) ‘A’ type files and 10” (250mm) ‘B’ type see below             30206                      36              4.8 lb/2.17 kg
For 10” (250mm) ‘A’ type files and 12” (300mm) ‘B’ type see below           30207                      36             6.8 lb/3.08 kg
For 12” (300mm) ‘A’ type files and 14” (350mm) ‘B’ type see below           30208                      36             6.8 lb/3.08 kg
For 14” (350mm) Horse Rasp                                                                             30209                      36             6.3 lb/2.85 kg

RECOMMENDATION: Type “A” is for large tang files such as Flat, Hand, Mill, Knife, Warding or Half Round and all shapes other than for type “B” which is for thin tang files like Round, Square, Three Square, and Taper.


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