Handle, Wood: drive-on Long Ferrule

USA Made Wooden Handle Long Ferrule Drive-on Style




a)    All files should be used with a handle
This is a general guide only because the tang sizes on files vary by file manufacturer
The file should fit in the handle so the base of the handle is either solidly touching the shoulder of the file or very close. No more than 10% of the length of the tang should be seen with the handle securely attached.
The handle is considered secure when it can not be pulled off the file by hand by the operator.

The following is a general guide only, because the tang sizes on files vary by file manufacturer. Oddly enough there are lots of government specifications on the files themselves but none on the tang portion other than what hardness they should be.

This kiln dried handle made of New England hardwood to avoid splitting, is stained and varnish coated. A ‘long ferrule’ style of heavy gage construction. The hole is step drilled to hold the wedge shaped file tang rigidly, locking the file in place. The file handle is driven on with a hammer and not intended for reuse. This handle meets all U.S. government specifications NN-H-00106c (GSA-FSS).

                                     For File Length                                                                    USA Made        Qty./Box           Wt./Doz.

For 4” (100mm) thin tang files – see below recommendation                        39100                  12              1.1 lb/0.5 kg
For 4” (100mm) ‘A’ type files and 6” 150mm) ‘B’ type                                         39200                  12              1.4 lb/0.63 kg
For 6” (150mm) ‘A’ type files and 8” (200mm) ‘B’ type                                        39300                  12              2.0 lb/0.91 kg
For 8” (200mm) ‘A’ type files and 10” (250mm) ‘B’ type                                     39400                   12              2.2 lb/1.0 kg
For 10” (250mm) ‘A’ type files and 12” (300mm) ‘B’ type                                   39500                   12              2.2 lb/1.0 kg
For 14” (250mm) ‘A’ type files and 16” (300mm) ‘B’ type                                   39550                   12              2.2 lb/1.0 kg

RECOMMENDATION: Type “A” is for large tang files such as Flat, Hand, Mill, Knife, Warding or Half Round and all shapes other than for type “B” which is for thin tang files like Round, Square, Three Square, and Taper. 39550 is best for Farrier Rasps.


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