Riffler Shape 763

Silversmith Riffler Shape 763 (6)


RIFFLER - Silversmith 7-1/2" Shape #763  

Swiss Pattern (meaning Swiss specification) Silversmith Riffler; a non-tanged precision file. Of the many various shapes offered, this #763 shape is one of the 12 listed in the US Government specifications GGG-F-331b and meets or exceeds those specifications. It is one of the various shapes in the 12 piece silversmith riffler set. It is double ended, double cut, used by die makers for various contours.

       U.S.                              Premium Quality                                 
Goverment                        European Made
   Number     Shape #       Cut #0       #2            Qty./Box           Wt./Doz.         

      #6              763             90763        92763             12         0.85 lbs. (0.39kg.)