Rasp - Cabinet Half Round

Rasp - Cabinet Half Round



The half round portion of a cabinet rasp is much shallower than a normal half round. The teeth of a cabinet rasp are also much finer than a normal rasp allowing for precision cabinetry. All rasps have single cut file teeth on the edges. Second cut is considered regular cut. All meet or exceed US Government specifications GGG-F-325b.

                                                                                                         North American Made               Qty./ 

    Length                  Steel Section                                              Regular Second     Smooth            Box         Wt./Doz.

  8” (200mm)        ¾” x 7/32” (19.05 x 5.56mm)                          22426                          -                   12           3.3 lb. (1.68 kg)

10” (250mm)       7/8” x 9/32” (22.23 x 7.14mm)                         22420                     22430                12           6.0 lb. (2.72 kg)