Handle - Plastic with Inserts

Plastic Handle w Inserts



Handles (General guide only, file tang sizes vary by manufacturer) The file should ‘sit’ in the handle such that the base of the handle is snug/touching the shoulder of the file.                                                       

This plastic handle has four inserts designed to hold all file shapes, 6” to 12” in length securely. It is made of hard plastic and formed to reduce hand fatigue. This handle also has a hang hole for file storage. The reusable inserts are driven on and off with a hammer.

             File Length                                               Standard Quality Import (India)               Qty./Bag           Wt./Each

For 6”, 8”, 10” & 12” files                                                            19700                                         1             0.2 lb/0.09 kg

                Insert (A) for 6” & 8” Mill, 8” Half Round file & Wood Rasp  
                Insert (B) for 6” & 7” Slim Taper, 6” Chainsaw, 6” - 10” Round               
                Insert (C) for 8” Flat, 10” Flat, Mill & Half Round
                Insert (D) for 6” Ex. Slim & Dbl. Ex. Slim Taper, 8” Chainsaw

For 12” files use the handle only with no inserts at all.