Macro Cut™

Macro Cut - Flat & Half Round

Used as a general purpose file, this coarse single cut file has added narrow milled rows of chip breakers on both sides in a diamond pattern for better chip clearance which allow rapid stock removal and a smooth finish at the same time. This comes in both Flat and Half Round shapes. On the half round the chip breaker is on the flat side only.



Steel Section

Import Quality
Premium North
American Made

Wt./ Doz.
8”(200mm) 25/32”x13/64”(19.84x5.16mm) Flat 14558 14548 12 3.7lb.(1.68kg)
10”(250mm) 31/32”x1/4”(24.61x6.35mm) Flat 14550 14540 12 7.2lb.(3.26kg)
12”(300mm) 1-5/32”x9/32”(29.37x7.14mm) Flat 14551 14541 12 11.2lb.(5.07kg)
14”(350mm) 1-11/32x5/16”(34.13x7.94mm) Flat 14552 14542   6 16.6lb.(7.52kg)
8”–200mm 3/4”x7/32”(19.05x5.56mm) 1/2 Round 14648 - 12 3.3lb.(1.68kg)
10”–250mm 7/8”x9/32”(22.23x7.14mm) 1/2 Round 14640 - 12 6lb.(2.72kg)
12”-300mm 1-1/8”x11/32”(28.58x8.73mm) 1/2 Round 14641 -   6 10.5lb.(4.76kg)