File Cleaner (Brush)

USA made File Card



There are two styles of file cleaners, the File Card and the File Card with
Brush. Both are made of wood with 'carpet' wire attached. When stroked
in one direction only across file teeth in the same direction as the file teeth,
this will clear the gullets in the teeth of shavings and other build up so the
file can be reused time and again without scratching or the file sliding.
On one there is a bristle brush also attached for final file cleaning. All file
cleaners have a hanging hole.The economy import is exactly the same as
the most popular file card only with plastic mounting rather than wood.

    Economy Made In USA Box Wt./
Length Dimension Import (Plastic) (Wood) Qty. Doz.
10" 1-1/2” x ¾” 10028 17100 12 2 lbs.
10" 1-3/4” x 1-1/2” - 17102 12 3 lbs.