What is the Difference?

Basically the file steel is the same and all specifications meet or exceed U.S. Government standards. Warrensville File has no "seconds" or subquality levels - each quality offered is the best with respect to the country of origin. "U.S.A Made" is still in high demand, however not all people can or need to pay prime for the particular file applications. Subsequently, Warrensville offeres three Qualities of American Pattern files from which to choose:

STANDARD QUALITY...files are used primarily by contractors, utility works, hardware and many other applications that require the best results for the most economically priced files to assure job satisfaction and where tool salvage is not guaranteed.

DOMESTIC QUALITY...made in the U.S.A.

SUPER QUALITY...files are used by engineers, die makers, and many other professionals looking for the best file made to match dometic qulaity with prices designed for a best buy.


Coarse cut - is used for fast stock removal.

Bastard cut - is the standard cut used for shaping and dressing steels and castings.

Second cut - is for hard metals.

Smooth cut - is one series of parallel teeth running diagonally across the width of the file surface. this type of tooth is used for sharpening saws and edge tools, and for finishing operations in machine shops.

Double cut - is two series of parallel teeth running diagonally across the width of the file surface, one seris crossing the other. This tooth structure is fast cutting and best suited for rapid remoal of stock.


The length of the file is the measurement from point to shoulder, exclusive of the tang, except for the need files and rifflers where the length includes the handle area.