Handle - Chain Saw File

Plastic Handle for all size Chainsaw Files



a)   All files should be used with a handle
b)   The file should fit in the handle so the base of the handle is either
       solidly touching the shoulder of the file or very close. No more
       than 10% of the length of the tang should be seen with the handle
       securely attached.

The handle is considered secure when it can not be pulled off the
       file by hand by the operator.


A durable plastic handle adjustable to fit any diameter round chain saw
file. Under the end cap it is formed for spark plug removal and installation.
Internally the handle can store a spar spark plug. Proper guide sharpening
angles of 30 and 35 included on the handle tip. 

    Standard Qty. Wt./
Length Diameter Import Quality Box Dox.
4-3/4" 1" 39600 12 1 lb.