Black Oxide Coated Flat Bastard File American Pattern

American Pattern Black Oxide Coated Flat Files



Universally used by all machinists; this file is recommended for fast stock removal where a smooth finish is
not required. It is double cut, uniform in width and thickness, however slightly tapering in width cross section in
the last third of the file approaching the point. All meet or exceed US Government specification GGG-F-325b.

The FLAT and MILL are simular except the MILL is single single cut and slightly thinner.

The FLAT and HAND are simular but the HAND is parallel in width with no taper and one edge is safe (uncut).

Black Oxide Coated
    Standard Import Quality    
    Coarse Fine Box Wt./
Length Steel Section Bastard Smooth Qty. Doz.
6” 39/64” x 5/32”  60113 60116 12 1.5 lbs.
8” 25/32” x 13/64” 60119 60125 12 3.7 lbs.
10” 31/32” x ¼”  60117 60126 12 7.2 lbs.
12” 1-5/32” x 9/32”  60123 60088 12 11.2 lbs.
14”  1-11/32 x 5/16”    60124 6 16.6 lbs.