Barrette, Hot Die - Swiss Pattern




Swiss Pattern (meaning Swiss specification) Barrette; a tanged precision file same as a regular Barrette, trapezoid shape with double cut teeth on the flat side only. Tapers in both width and thickness at least one-third the length from shoulder to the point. The Hot Die is a specially treated Barrette used for aluminum extrusion work.

The Barrette Hot Die needle file are distinguishable from normal Barrette needle files because of their ground back to add flexibility to the file. Again, these like the hot die precision files are used for aluminum extrusion work.

                                                                                                        European Made            Box               Wt./                               
                                            Length               Steel Section                          #00            #0                  Qty.               Doz.

Tanged Precision:
      3" (75mm)     3/8" x 3/32" (9.5 x 2.4mm)          60300           -                     12        0.5 lb. (0.2 kg)
                                       4" (100mm)   1/2" x 1/8" (12 x 3mm)                 60400     60040                 12        0.6 lb. (0.26 kg)

Needle File:                   5-1/2” (140mm)                                                   85165      80165                12         0.2 lb. (0.09kg)
                                        6-1/4” (160mm)                                                   85166      80166                12       0.25 lb. (0.11kg)